Melody Mate Premium Vinyl Record Cleaner Solution 1 Litre BONUS Microfiber Cloth

Melody Mate


For use with Record Cleaning Machines or via Manual Cleaning.
Website Exclusive - Bonus Microfiber Cloth

1 Litre Bulk bottle of solution. These bottles of solution are now sealed via foil induction. This means they age better for storage purposes (no air or contamination) and will not leak in transit.

Our highly praised record cleaning solution only contains the purest, premium Australian sourced ingredients. This means no shortcuts have been taken. And we have not compromised the quality in any way, shape or form. This is not a claim, it's our company motto.

Melody Mate record cleaning solution is the result of years of research and development, we truly believe there is no better record cleaning solution out there. Why? Because we have judged it against all the others. We have also tried it on a wide variety of RCM's from Nitty Gritty's to VPI 16.5's. We know solutions and we know machines.

Manufactured using lab grade ingredients in an actual controlled environment lab. Our solution is not your everyday backyard or shop made mix constructed from off the shelf inferior ingredients. We use premium products normally only made available to laboratories and the scientific industry.


For Record Cleaning Machines: Pour solution into desired receptacle (such as a sauce type squeeze bottle) and apply fluid directly onto vinyl. Spread evenly over vinyl with applicable brush. Let sit for 20 seconds. Vacuum. No rinse required.

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