Continuous Improvement

Melody Mate is a continuous improvement company.

Improvements made in 2015: Waterproof labels, new design logo and labels, instructions on listings and bottles, 1 litre bottles now sealed to prevent any leaking or risk of contamination. Bottles in excess of 250ml shipped in cartons to prevent damages. 2+ bottles of 250ml also shipped in cartons. All bottles now locally sourced in Melbourne and design/colour standardised. pH levels of solution now measured in-house. Sourced a better, softer, more absorbent microfiber cloth (with storage hook so it can be hung for easier drying). 20/3/15 Now we only use lab grade IPA in all of our solutions.

Improvements made in 2016: 14/6/16 Surfactant now engineered in Melbourne lab. Distilled water now double filtered before use. Solution filtered upon bottling. New bottle designs now live. Due to production efficiencies we have been able to decrease the price of the 1 litre bottles from $54.95 to $49.95 and the 500ml bottles from $39.95 to $38.95. We are happy to pass these savings on to our customers.

The modern Record and it's most despised mortal enemy... Static Electricity!

July 24, 2016
A common question that gets asked quite often by our newer customers that have only started cleaning their vinyl and something that comes up for debate quite often at the record fairs (from seasoned collectors) is why are my records still "popping" and noisy when they have been cleaned and look mint...
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