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The modern Record and it's most despised mortal enemy... Static Electricity!

A common question that gets asked quite often by our newer customers that have only started cleaning their vinyl and something that comes up for debate quite often at the record fairs (from seasoned collectors) is why are my records still "popping" and noisy when they have been cleaned and look minty new?

Well, before I get started on this I must state up front that record cleaning solutions are not all made equally and from the same ingredients (or even grade of ingredients) so I can only tackle this question from our perspective... since I know how our product is made and what goes into it.

The one thing I can tell you with conviction is that the pops, clicks are noise is not being caused by our solution. Well, you sound pretty sure of yourself I hear you thinking... well, it's only because I used to experience this issue as well and experimented with many remedies before coming up with satisfactory results (i.e. no pops or clicks). And with the advent of many more cleaning machines and devices on the market... all that use a form of friction to clean the vinyl or (at the very least) finish off cleaning processes this problem ain't going nowhere...

So how do I know it's not Melody Mate that's the culprit in this battle against pops and clicks? Unlike the wood glues and other gimmicky record cleaning "solutions" our fluid introduces no contaminants to your vinyl and most certainly none that could create noise. The solution is scientifically tested distilled water, lab grade IPA (alcohol) and a special formula surfactant. If left long enough the solution actually evaporates. There is nothing that is left behind from these ingredients to make the pop or create noise.

And there is no foreign matter being introduced. Our solution is made in a laboratory environment which means exactly how it sounds... white jackets, hair nets, stainless steel benches, magnetic stirrers, ph tests and nothing comes in contact with the solution that is organic/not sterilised. So nothing is getting into it from the manufacturing perspective.
So what is it? Why the violent pops, clicks and noises? Tell me! Tell me now!

What most vinyl collectors are experiencing is static electricity in the vinyl. This static can build due to many reasons some of which are... rubbing a record with a cloth when it is dry (so cleaning a record with solution and then rubbing it to the point where it is beyond dry), it can even be caused by the climate or conditions where you reside. For example if you live in a "dry" part of the Australia or if you are standing on carpet when you clean or move your records around static electricity will most certainly be building up in your vinyl.

If you are getting these pops and noises my suggestion would be to hunt down an anti-static gun such as the Milty Zerostat. These neutralize static electricity. I use them myself and they work. Here is one on Amazon so you can have a read HERE as well as HERE.

Another preventative measure would be to use a record cleaning machine. These use a vacuum that removes all contaminants and does not cause as much friction therefore less static build up. They are also the most effective tool in removing contaminants Also there are various anti static brushes available that may help but at the end of the day they are just not as effective as the gun.

There is also a lot of good forum discussions on the subject. Here are a few (the last one is the most informative): Steve Hoffman Forums AV Forums Fox Music


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